Aebersold Tune Up ! Vol. 67 In All 12 Keys


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The following is based on a true story. Only the names, dates, places, facts, and circumstances have been changed.

Vol. 67 TUNE UP!
An alternative to the “13th” key!

Presented for your consideration, this is the story of a jazzcat, let’s call him “Mr. Horn”, who was called upon to play a gig with a singer who loved all the old standards. He arrived just before the down beat and kicked off the first set with a couple of Bop tunes to warm up the crowd. Mr. Horn absolutely nailed the Blues in Bb and his self-assuredness was growing stronger by the minute. “It’s gonna be a sweet and easy 8 bucks tonight” he thought to himself. Everything was going wonderfully well. That is, until the singer walked onto the bandstand, turned to the keyboardist, and called “All the Things You Are”. “Easy Peasy” Mr. Horn whispered to himself.

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